One of the hottest new trends now is fusion food. While there are many regional cuisines which lend themselves well to the fusion movement, none do as well as Indian cuisine. Indian fusion cuisine manages to absorb and assimilate a huge number of influences and still maintain its unique flavor. Indian fusion food is especially popular for events, so you may want to consider Indian fusion options for a any type catering.

The key to making Indian fusion food is keeping the flavors of India intact and complemented through different foods. Traditional Indian foods use a variety of spices, like turmeric and cumin, using them to liberally season foods. A fusion take on these food trends maintains a strong use of spices. You can expect to see your favorite Indian flavors infused in nontraditional food choices.

Pairing of traditional and non-traditional flavors is the key to understanding fusion cuisine; for example, Kohinoor dhaba’s unique lamon chicken ! You may also see Indian fusion cuisine chefs maintain many of their signature cooking styles. For instance, in authentic Indian cuisine spices are typically toasted in a hot pan to enhance their flavor before using in a dish. Food is also usually cooked in hot oil, then butter is added for flavor at the end. You can expect to see some of the same cooking methods used in Indian fusion foods.